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Tomb Raider and the Improved Next Gen Graphics

Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition has got off to a good start on PS4 consoles and the differences in graphics shows just how good the PS4 is compared to the PS3.

Everything from Lara Croft’s hair to the background and scenery is on a completely different level. Although, the next gen consoles are still very far away from like life graphics, they are significantly better, and no game shows this more than Tomb Raider: There Definitive Edition.

It must be said that there are some exceptions but the majority of games have vastly improved graphics. Another is GTA V but graphics on PC’s can also be at the same kind of level, and occasionally better, but it’s certainly clear to see that there have been notable improvements in some games, and Tomb Raider is certainly one of them.

LEGO the Hobbit

It’s been a crazy year so far for LEGO video games and it is going to continue further with LEGO the Hobbit. LEGO the Hobbit will be released on 12th April 2014. There are so many different LEGO titles floating around at the minute, and this one is certainly going to attract a lot of attention.

LEGO the Hobbit will revolve around the story from the first two Hobbit films and the stages of the game will take the same type of order as the film. LEGO games can be fast paced while the graphics are always improving. The Hobbit will be available on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox one in April, and it could just be the next major title to hit the charts.

If you’re saving for your next game then consider buying LEGO the Hobbit, because if it follows in the footsteps of the current LEGO titles, it’s certainly going to be a big hit.

Will Lag Always Exist in Online Gaming?

Lag is a term referred to as slowness when online gaming, and it will often disrupt game play, and it can potentially affect the result, or Cause a complete disconnection between the two players. So far there have been lag issues mentioned relating to both next gen consoles the PS4 and the Xbox One, and it prompts the question, will lag issues always exist?

Connection problems can be due t an individual’s internet connection or perhaps the serer of the game’s consoles. For example, there have been cases whereby two players (both with full signal) have had lag issues in a game, meaning the issue tend to lie with the server.

Game consoles have improved the lag in terms of not letting it affect the outcome of the match so much, meaning nobody comes out a winner or a loser, however, this can actually be unfair if you was outcompeting your opponent. We hope lag doesn’t continue to exist, but the signs show it will occur from time to time, even on the next gen consoles.

The Return of Thief

Thief was a popular game back in the day and its legacy has certainly lived on. Thief 4 is definitely going to be released this year and it will see Garret return yet again but this time with updated visuals.

It’s certainly an exciting release for the many Thief fans and so far the game play trailers show fantastic graphics. There will be an open-ended game play system and it will essentially be a new modern game that doesn’t move away from what made it popular in the first place.

The graphic with a new storyline, strong characters, improved game play, and an improved engine will combine to improve upon the previous versions but only time will tell if it’s succeeds in the same way as its previous versions.

It’s certainly going to be a big seller, perhaps not a record seller, and there’s definitely a loyal following for Thief and if we were to predict, we’d say it will surely be a big hit for 2014.

The Ideal Time for Online Gaming

Online gaming is a bit of a phenomenon for many teenagers and adults around the world and there are certain times in the UK when it seems as though everyone is playing games online.

Weeknights around 8’clock and are certainly busy in terms of gaming, and it’s a time of day when people have finished work, finished their dinner, and they’re ready to clock in for a gaming session. Weekends are busy and Saturday nights are certainly a good time if you want to connect with lot of different plays in online multigame.

The problem is that occasionally it can be too busy and you may not get into the match lobby you want, but if you stick around long enough space should free up. With the next gen consoles it may take a bit of time to kick in before the traffic start, but once people move away from the Xbox 360s and Playstation 4’s then we will really see how well the new servers hold up.