Should 28 Days Later & the Sequel Be Remade?

When this British film first came out it was utterly terrifying in places and you did not know what to expect next with rage victims rushing in from all angles trying to eat you every step of the way during the film; perhaps the most shocking part of the film was when a guy was bitten during a siege at a flat where the infected had charged through a window; Selena (Played by Naomie Harris), had only seconds to react and then started chopping up the man who had been bitten before he had a chance to turn, leaving Jim (Played by Cillian Murphy) totally shocked and still in disbelief about what was going on.

This was a good British Film, though it was lacking in many places and there was a very loose story line regarding the infection, it was more about an unreal and impossible virus that would never really worked that fast to create such violent and deadly creatures in seconds. If they had labelled it as a a neuro toxin, or a chemical weapon like DIXIE then that would have at least been more believable.

The Lost Script (Lost Sequel):

There was a website with a script for a proposed sequel that popped up shortly after the first film. The story is where scientists and intelligence operatives at a facility in Paris had gathered intel over the suspected source of the outbreak and a mission was sanctioned to go to where this lab was in Great Britain and get the sample; which coincidentally is in Huntingdon where there is a lab experimenting with animals. British Marines who were away on active duty at the time of the infection, would accompany the scientists to keep them safe on their mission to retrieve the prime sample.

When they arrived on the shores of Britain by a naval vessel with the scientists, everything was dead; the threat was still very real however, as the infection was still there in the bodies and the fluids that had been left behind. They had to walk miles to this lab and when they finally got there, what was waiting for them was worse than anything that could ever be imagined; they approached the car park of the lab and were immediately attacked by an infected gorilla/monkey of some sort that had not died when the human infected had starved to death.

This thing has got hold of one of the marines and is ripping him apart, and at the same time he would change into one of the infected but die soon after, though some of the blood got into the eye of one of the scientists (Sara) as the group scattered and went to escape from this thing. After a showdown with the marines finally the creature is killed and they burn the body of the creature and the fallen marine, but the female scientist is not turning and they don’t realise she is now a carrier.

Once in the lab they discover the shocking truth about what was going on, and the animals they had tested on; they had been trying to create a chemical weapon to turn an enemy against the enemy and for them to kill each other without losing British soldiers in combat to the enemy. From CCTV they saw how it had all started, when one of the animals escaped after killing a scientist and they lost control as it rampaged through the lab killing and infecting, and then the newly infected would in turn create more infected and it became unstoppable. The realised that the gorilla/monkey thing that has attacked them had been feeding off the dead bodies of the infected, which is why it had managed to survive.

The scientists start trying to find ways they can make a cure so the infection can never come back and be eliminated, but they need to find the primary samples of the initial virus before it spread; they find the prime samples and call in for a extraction and set fire to the lab before they leave.

Not long after leaving the lab, the female scientist (Sara) starts to behave strangely and a lump has manifested on her left shoulder, and she is behaving irrationally and they realise she has been infected and shoot her; the bullets however have no effect as she is mutating. The marines shoot some more as they cover the escape of the other scientists, and try to gain distance from whatever she is mutating into.

She becomes one of the infected, but a far more messed up version and more deadly and then chases after them. They manage to escape and get distance, but she has their scent and is following; they manage to hide in a cathedral with the rotting carcases of the dead infected from the previous film, the smell masks their scent. Whilst in the cathedral, another scientist (Jess) talks about Sara, the female scientist who just got infected; Sara was a survivor from the first outbreak and was later found out to be an immune. She tells herself that’s why she did not turn right away, but she is also confused as to why she became infected; she tells herself and the others that is has to have been the gorilla/monkey thing after feeding on the dead infected that caused the virus to mutate and for her to be infected. It dawns on her that their plans to create a cure won’t work any more, because the virus has mutated from the original strain, and they have to get a sample from Sara.

They are able to get to a nearby building for the extraction, which is on the roof; Jess tell them that they have to stop her, and to get a new sample. They have flame throwers that they used to burn the lab and the gorilla/monkey thing, and so two of the marines and the other scientist (bill) head the extraction point on the roof, and the other 3 marines and Jess create a distraction to lure infected Sara to them. When infected Sara arrives she is worse than before, but a lot slower and the marines begin shooting into her to slow her even more and Jess uses the flame-thrower on infected Sara, but Sara gets worse; Sara kills the marines even though still on fire and chases after Jess who runs up the stairs of the building of the extraction point. Jess trips over a carcass of one of the infected and stumbles a few steps back down the stairs; she is hurt and pauses momentarily but manages to get up and starts limping up the stairs to the extraction point. Sara is very close behind, but very slow due to be infected and badly burned from the flame-thrower, but no longer in flames. Jess manages to get to the roof and runs to the helicopter with Sara so close behind her, the two remaining Marines and other Scientist are on the helicopter and the Marines start shooting at Sara over and around Jess who has her hands over her head as she is running trying not to be caught or shot.

Jess manages to get onto the helicopter and Sara falls off the building trying to jump on the helicopter; the marines however planted explosives in the building when Jess went to get a sample from Sara. They detonate the explosives and the building collapses; hopefully taking out Sara who fell off the building. They did not get her sample, and worry that it’s not over and that Sara will come to find them, as she knows where the Lab is in Paris…

Will there be a remake of the original, and will this script ever be made into a second film?

There could be a strong possibility that 28 Days is remade, but the chances of the lost script ever making it to light are slim, as the film franchise was Americanised and now has a different script and mostly an American cast. From the site that had the script, the studio rejected the script and the film was not made because the first film did not make enough money in Britain for them to spend money on any more films; the film did have good sales in the US though, which is probably why the film was Americanised and ruined forever as a British Film.