HD DVD vs Blu-Ray, a Brief History

Blu-ray and HD DVD began their campaigns in the year 2006. Movie studios and electronics manufacturers were looking for a new video format, one that would suit their ever more visually impressive movies. In the midst of this consumers began rushing out to replace their hardware to experience the new formats.

But it was a war between the two, HD vs Blu-ray, only one could win and consumers were left on the sidelines trying to figure the whole thing out. Meanwhile, DVD players had become commodity items with little or no profit margin, and the bargain bin at local stores offered discs for under £7.

Fast forward 10 years and you will find quite literally dozens of Blu-ray Disc players on offer, starting well under £50. Ranging in all different shapes and sizes.

But now theres 4K, which is expected to be the new Blu-ray; well almost. While it is a new video format, it doesn’t quite carry the physical clout that the new disc formats held.