Bloodborne: Souls for a New Generation

The one break out sensation from the previous generations of games was the Souls series. Starting with the Playstation 3 exclusive Demon’s Souls the game wasn’t initially published in the west, with Sony seeing the franchise as “too eastern” and thought it wouldn’t appeal to western gamers. People got curious and began to import the Chinese version (which featured English audio.) The game’s cult grew and Sony eventually buckled, allowing Namco Bandai to publish the game on our shores. That also meant Sony gave up the publishing rights.

Then came Dark Souls; the first multiplatform Souls game. The game was a phenomenal success; drawing in massive sales and garnering great critical reception as well. Sony realised they dropped the ball letting it go and now we have Bloodborne. From the team that designed both Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. And the game is wonderful; a joy of violent action, beautiful and intriguing worlds and disgusting monsters.