Dirty Bomb: From the Ashes of Brink

Brink is a dirty word around the Splash Damage offices. The game, a mash up of Enemy Territory, Team Fortress 2 and Mirror’s Edge, was pushed out by publishing house Bethesda with a slew of misleading marketing materials and then, when the release came, the publisher was suddenly silent, knowing the game they had focus tested wasn’t as good as they were billing, and they left both the game and the studio on their own.


It’s unsurprising, then, that the Dirty Bomb trailer mentions every other game from Splash Damage in its credits. The game is a throwback to those early Enemy Territory memories, while still having a little bit of Brink in there as well. The game is a team based first person shooter with various “roles” or “classes” for players to fill. Healers, engineers, tanks etc all provide a nice variety to proceedings while keeping the game grounded in the studios roots.