Handheld Gaming

So I have been in London now for a grand total of 5 weeks and, in that time, I have spent a lot less time gaming than I perhaps would have normally. I have played a little bit of Playstation 4 in that time, and an even smaller amount of PC gaming, but I have managed to bring my 3DS and my Playstation Vita with me to London. Despite that I still have only managed, maybe, 5 or 6 hours over that month or so – but it’s crucial for me to have that little escape.

I don’t take my handhelds on public transport – I have never understood the appeal of that at all. I don’t read on public transport either, so I suspect this is all in aid of not being able to look down while I’m moving in case I get motion sickness. But when I have played (some Pokemon and Persona 4 if you must know) it’s been a nice break from socialising and gives me a chance to have some down time in a very busy city.