Indivisible:A Beautiful Game

Indivisible is a beautiful game inspired by exemplary RPGs and developed by Lab Zeros games and published by 505 games. The game will launch in 2018. Indivisible: A beautiful game designed with the unique character, world, and gameplay profundity Lab Zeros are known to produce.

Indivisible follows the story of Ajna, who is a well-natured girl with a defiant streak. This young lady leaves on a worldwide excursion to reality about her puzzling forces. In the course of her quest, new unique heroes come along, and she acquires enough strength to traverse new environments and defeat enemies encountered on their way.

The game traverses an immense dreamland inspired by different societies and folklore. All through Ajina’s mission, she’ll experience numerous ”incarnations” individuals whom she can assimilate into herself and befriend. There are multiple incarnations to enlist; every single incarnation has a particular story and identity. By joining individuals from far away grounds, Ajina will find out who she is and the world she posses.