Kickstarting Sequels

This is something I have not seen before, and was also something that I did not really expect. Following on from the massive success of Divinity: Original Sin (a recent Kickstarter smash hit) the studio behind the title, Larian, have announced that they are making a sequel; Divinity: Original Sin 2. I was excited; what a thing to announce out of the blue! The first was immense fun, especially with friends, so more of the same couldn’t possibly be bad!


The second game, too, will be a Kickstarter campaign, with a twist. The studio can afford to make the second game off their own backs, such was the success of the first game. They have taken to Kickstarter, though, to get the fans involved once more. If you can back high enough you’ll get Alpha and Beta access when they come online to provide feedback but also the high levels of interest will allow Larian to make additions and stretch goals they wouldn’t normally have done.