Playstation 4 vs Xbox One: Price

A year ago this was a simple discussion; Sony’s Playstation 4 was £349/$399 while the Xbox One was £429/$499. That was where the discussion stopped; the Playstation 4 was a whole lot cheaper. But now, twelve months later, the conversation has got a lot more complicated for shoppers.

The Xbox One has lost its mandatory Kinect, a motion sensitive camera used to navigate menus and add various features to games and, as a result, the cost has gone down to be a little closer to the Playstation 4.

The second thing to consider is the games that come bundled with your machine. If you, your son or daughter want Grand Theft Auto 5 then a machine that comes bundled with that title will likely be cheaper than buying the two separately. Both Microsoft and Sony have various official bundles, while retailers also put on their own bundles, especially around Christmas.