Puzzle Agent: From Fargo to Twin Peaks

This past year has seen a huge boost in popularity and interest in two of my favourite, weird, franchises; Twin Peaks and Fargo. While very much their own series, they have a lot of things in common, a lot of things that have resonated with the viewing public. Puzzle Agent is a game from Telltale Studios; famous for their work on The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and their upcoming take on the Minecraft franchise. The game is set in Scoggins, Minnesota, and focuses on a man named Nelson Tethers, a puzzle solving expert for the CIA. When the President’s supply of erasers from Scoggins suddenly dries up Nelson is sent in to find out why. The game focuses on a set of puzzles of various difficulties, but the whole game is tied together with an extremely bizarre story.

The game features extremely unusual characters, with weird, nuanced personalities that evoke some of the stranger characters in both Twin Peaks and Fargo. With also an unusual cast of bizarre and extremely threatening gnomes to upset the player even more.