The Return of Thief

Thief was a popular game back in the day and its legacy has certainly lived on. Thief 4 is definitely going to be released this year and it will see Garret return yet again but this time with updated visuals.

It’s certainly an exciting release for the many Thief fans and so far the game play trailers show fantastic graphics. There will be an open-ended game play system and it will essentially be a new modern game that doesn’t move away from what made it popular in the first place.

The graphic with a new storyline, strong characters, improved game play, and an improved engine will combine to improve upon the previous versions but only time will tell if it’s succeeds in the same way as its previous versions.

It’s certainly going to be a big seller, perhaps not a record seller, and there’s definitely a loyal following for Thief and if we were to predict, we’d say it will surely be a big hit for 2014.