The Secret World Legends

The Secret World MMO has been reborn into an almost entirely new game, The Secret World Legends.

The game boasts a unique world and is brimming with story and characters. The environment, incidental dialogue and monsters you come across are all top notch.

The story concerns 3 factions, and how each faction is working in their own ways to guard and prepare for the coming ‘filth’ (and that which has already arrived). All the while playing off against each other because after all, they have their own agendas.

The gameplay is fun and interesting, it makes use of a run and cast system meaning you are usually always on the move. The range of skills and weaponry means that you can cultivate a character to your whim and the unlimited level cap means you can essentially have a character that can do whatever you’d like it to do.

Overall, the game is recommended for those who want a fantasy MMO with a fresh and original setting. As well as those who want a ton of content.