What Games Are Hot in 2023

2023 is the year for gaming. There are so many new releases this year and many games from the past staying relevant. Let’s have a look at what games are hot this year! What are the games we should be playing and watching out for in 2023?

Hogwarts Legacy

Set to release later this month, February, Hogwarts legacy is reported to take the gaming world by storm. With how popular the Harry Potter franchise is, who isn’t going to want the opportunity to experience it for themselves? Firstly being released in February on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, with a release for PS4 and Xbox One coming later in the year, expected in April 2023. A game where you can experience Harry Potter, join the wizarding world and see what it would be like to be a wizard.


Released back in 2017, Fortnite is still a force to be reckoned with. This game is not losing its popularity anytime soon, you can expect to see this being played by many across the nation. We have seen Fortnite go from being a game that wasn’t overly popular, to something that has its own toys created for it. Appealing to children, as children get older they are choosing to play this game as their first skilled game. This is something we can expect to see happening for many years to come.

Pikmin 4

A game we remember playing throughout our childhood. We can’t wait to see the next released version of this skilled classic game. Only being released for the Nintendo Switch at some point in 2023, this classic is going to be loved by many old-school gamers. You will find that being released on the switch, the game will become easier to control so you can focus more on gameplay and skill than all the different controller options.


Even though Minecraft was released back in 2011, this game is continuing to take the world by storm. Many children and adults still enjoy playing Minecraft and we can see this continuing throughout 2023, a full 12 years on! Minecraft is a game that can require skill but can also be creative making it perfect for all. The Minecraft saga also has a new game being released this year, Minecraft Legends. Following the success of all the Minecraft games, we can expect this to continue to be popular and to continue keeping Minecraft in the most played games of 2023.

These are four of the main games that are going to be hot in 2023. With two games we expect to continue to run the charts following their current play trends. As well as three new games joining the race, keeping everyone happy to continue gaming. Every year there are new games released for all to enjoy. Some years there may not be something for you, but this year is looking good for all. Many games are being released on many platforms, with different skill levels and themes. Keep an eye out for more posts on more new releases and details on popular games this year.