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The Benefits of Different Game Consoles

Whether you are a parent looking to purchase your child their first console, a wanna-be gamer looking to buy a console or someone who needs a console upgrade. We are here to share with you a selection of consoles and the different benefits they can bring.

PlayStation 5

The first console we want to share 2 benefits of is the PlayStation 5 or PS5.

1- With a PlayStation 5, you have the flexibility to make choices. If you don’t want game discs, you have the option to purchase a console without that you can only download games onto. This helps if you do not have space for multiple game discs.

2- Another benefit of the PlayStation 5 is controller comfort. One thing that PlayStation is known for is its controller and how comfortable it is to hold. This is one thing you are not likely to get from other consoles.

Nintendo Switch

Next, we are going to share with you 2 benefits of the Nintendo Switch.

1- Console flexibility is something you are going to get if you choose a Nintendo switch. This is the only console that can be used as a handheld device as well as connected to the television. This makes it perfect for those who like travelling and want the flexibility to use it wherever they go.

2- Another benefit is game choice. Nintendo has been around for a very long time, which means most of the major games that can be enjoyed by all are on this platform. The most popular Mario Kart and Super Mario can be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Series X/S

Finally, the last popular console we want to share 2 benefits of is the Xbox Series X/S.

1- Graphic quality is one of the main benefits you are going to receive. With this being one of the newest consoles released, it does provide the best graphics on the market.

2- Another benefit is the game selection. The Xbox Series X/S is going to have the largest game selection. New released games are very likely to be on this platform making it one that is a worthwhile purchase.


Making the final decision on what console you want to purchase does in the end come down to you. After seeing two benefits of each console, this should help you to decide which option is going to be worthwhile for you. If you are looking for something that has multiple uses, the Nintendo switch is going to be the best option. If you do not have much storage, a PS5 download addition is going to be worthwhile. But of course, if you want the best graphics, then an Xbox Series X/S will be ideal. So, the decision does come down to you and what you are most expecting from your console and want to spend your money on.

Will it be the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch or Xbox Series X/S? The choice comes down to you, what your budget is and what benefits are going to be the best for your day to day life.

Why Are Playstation 5’s So Hard to Find?

Playstation 5, the console that was wanted by many gamers across the world for the Christmas just passed. But parents and loved ones struggle massively to find anywhere with a Playstation 5 in stock, but why is this the case?

The main reason why Playstation 5’s have been so hard to find is due to them being newly released. Every gamer wants to purchase the newest released console. Meaning parents and others who need to save to be able to purchase are struggling to find them in stock. But this does not mean you can not purchase one. Unfortunately, some of the people who are purchasing the console, do not want them for themself, they are purchasing to make money. This means they are buying it from stores and then selling it for more money. This does mean you can still purchase them, but it could cost you more due to the people taking the demand into their power to sell for a higher price.

Video Game Consoles – the Classics

There are so many different types of video game consoles that we have discussed on our blog previously. But today we want to focus on the classics. The consoles that helped to make gaming exactly what it is today. So, let’s look back and see where the gaming consoles have come from.

Nintendo 64
The first console we are going to look into is Nintendo 64. This is one of the first consoles created by Nintendo that allowed multiplayer gaming. A Simple grey console with 4 controller ports that allowed up to 4 people to play at the same time. Some of the all-time favourite games for this console included Donkey Kong 64 and Mario Kart 64. With Mario Kart being a game that has been reimagined multiple times for all Nintendo Consoles.

Playstation 1
The Playstation 1 (PS1) is another retro gaming console, that was one of the first consoles made by Sony that allowed multiplayer gaming. This console was first produced in 1995 and has been a gaming console that people enjoy revisiting. With its four controller power ports, it is very similar to the Nintendo 64 in the fact it allows up to four people to play! The controllers have not changed from this first multiplayer console, meaning you can still have the retro feeling now. Some of the most popular games to play on the Playstation 1 include Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon.

A Gameboy was one of the first handheld gaming consoles that we could purchase. This was released in 1990 and is still offering us gaming fun, some people still use their Gameboys today! This is slightly different as it is handheld and only allows a single person to play games. One of the most popular GameBoy games to play was Pokemon and that is still popular today.

Video Game Consoles – PS5

The PS5, also known as the PlayStation 5, is the newest console the has been released by Sony. This company have released are a large variety of consoles over their time, with their most popular consoles being the PlayStation series.

These consoles allow you to play a wide variety of games, including virtual reality games all from one console! This is the perfect console for somebody who wants it all for one simple yet high cost.

The Playstation 5 console also allows you to play some games online with your friend. This does require an extra cost, and you are only able to play with friends who are on the same console. But, this is an excellent service to offer as it does help you to be social through online gaming.

It is important to note that the Playstation 5 console only comes with one wireless controller for the price. If you are looking to play multiplayer, you will need to purchase an additional controller.

Video Games Consoles – Xbox Series X

The latest console release in the Microsoft gaming world is the Xbox Series X. This console was released to the UK public on the 10th November 2020, meaning we have had a full 7 months to try and test this before sharing our review.

Now, the Xbox Series X has been an outstanding upgrade on our old Xbox One console. It offers a much larger selection of benefits than the Xbox One. Including more game choices and technical aspects (we will share these with you soon). But, the higher price tag can be off-putting for some, but we can tell you now, it was worth it!

One of the main positives we found when purchasing the Xbox Series X is that you can still use your Xbox One accessories with the new console. Meaning all of the add on accessories you purchased for your old console can still be used!

The Xbox Series X also offers a very large range of technical, gameplay benefits. With this console allowing you to play games in 4K and 120 frames per second. Making this console one of the best for the gaming experience. With the added benefit of a super-fast game load time, no more waiting around for the games to load up.

The look of this console is another aspect that should highly be spoken about. They have changed how the console looks to give it a more sleek finish. A design that is much easier to store away, keeping your gaming area looking neat and organised at all times.

The controller has also had a few minor changes made to it. The overall layout is the same, but the hybrid D-pad has been changed to be a complete circle, giving you more potential. They have also added a new grip material to the control, meaning your grip will never fail you.