Finding Quality Classic Controllers

All video games consoles need controllers, including the classic consoles from the past. But like getting hold of the consoles themselves, finding controls that are in good condition and not worn away can be a difficult task.

Where To Look

The first place to look is ebay, you are almost certain to find a controller for any games console from any year on there. The concern though is figuring out quality of the controller that is being sold.

Much of the wear that happens to controllers can be hard to see visually, especially when looking at a low quality image on ebay.

This is why the best way to get hold of a high quality classic controller is to try and find it physically. Garage sales, car boot sales, second hand shops and even some retail shops are some places that have some of these old devices. If you can hold it in your hands you can test all of the buttons and joysticks for too much wear in a second.