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Are Sony Playstation Going to Kill the Games Trade Market?

Sony are already starting work on their next Playstation console, but there are rumours they will be taking a step forward to a disc-less era where new games will only be available through the PSN store, and licensed to each PSN account without the ability to download and distribute to friends.

That being said, if Sony do take this step forward they will provide a plug and play external disc drive for backwards compatibility to support PS3 and PS4 disc-based games.

The eventuality of such a step forward means that Sony will make more money and players won’t be able to trade games, or lend to their friends anymore; unless their friends are accessing a licensed account.

The benefits of downloads via PSN store are that if a console if damaged, sold or swapped that a game can easily be downloaded again for the new console. It is not known whether Sony will limit the number of downloads for each account, and whether there will be a software check that will check against registrants and their addresses they registered their consoles at; only time will tell.

The Binding of Isaac

Ah roguelikes. It is a genre of game that I never fully understood, or never quite fell in love with like the rest of the world. These are games where death tends to be permanent; you might unlock a couple of things here and there along the way that add to your efforts the next time around, but these are often exercises in frustration for gamers and I am no different. People have a limited amount of time to do anything in life, and gaming, for many, is a luxury hobby that takes up a decent amount of time. As such, they’d rather not be wasting it dying repeatedly and making no progress.
The Binding of Isaac is, in this now crowded genre, a shining example of how making slight progress can help alleviate the process and frustration of dying. As you progress you unlock a few items and, crucially, get better at the game so on subsequent playthroughs you make even more progress.

The PS4 vs X1 Sales War

There are two popular consoles battling it out right now; the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. The consoles weren’t released on the same, day, and the Xbox had a head start in terms of sales, but so far we’re finding that the PS4 is actually winning.

Both consoles were sold out during the first stage, but the Playstation 4 then had 2.1 million consoles sold out as soon as soon as they came back in stock. That certainly wasn’t the case for Xbox and it’s a sign that the Playstation 4 is taking over ever so slightly.

When the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 were being released, the Xbox had a better start, and it was significantly cheaper, yet its next generation brother is pricier than the PS4, and this could have impacted an individual’s decision on sales.

It’s certainly a case of ‘watching this space’ because we know how quickly things can change in the gaming world, but so far the early signs show that the Playstation 4 is dominating, especially in terms of sales.

Live Broadcasting on the Playstation 4

The Playstation four has a wealth of benefits, it’s not just a well finished console with sublime graphics, it’s go an app that allows you to live broadcast.

You can live broadcast game play or even yourself on camera and it only adds to making gaming more thrilling. You can witness an individual’s reactions when they’re planning, and it essentially brings you closer to competitors from all over the world.

Live broadcasting will not be for everyone, but if you’re a video game fanatic that loves interacting with gamers from all over the globe, this console could be ideal for you.

Fifa 14 – a Hit on the Next Gen Consoles

On the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 it’s fair to say that Fifa 14 was, well… pretty much the same as Fifa 13 with updated ratings, transfers and kits. This is actually a completely different story on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

The engine is obviously a lot more powerful, and there’s less lag then there used to be with the online player mode. There are new clips during game play; an example is this is for corners, where you can see your play pick up the ball, place it down to take a corner. Before this was merely a ‘jump straight o corner’ shot.

You also have greater control over you passing and shooting. There are more ways of scoring a goal, and not to mention the graphics are superb. If you’re sitting at home playing Fifa 14 on the previous game consoles, then perhaps you should experience it the way you’re supposed to, and buy it as part of a bundle this winter.