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Video Games Consoles – Nintendo Switch

There are a wide variety of video games consoles out there for you to purchase, it can be difficult to decide which one will be best for you. So, we are going to share with you facts surrounding each video game console, helping you to decide which one to buy.

First up in this series, the Nintendo Switch.

This is a console that has been created by Nintendo to combine their previous consoles, the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS series. The Nintendo Switch is a console that you can connect to your television, as well as play on the go and handheld. This is an amazing console for those who enjoy travelling, or for families with children who need entertainment on journeys.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console with its multiple playing abilities. It can also provide the player with a large variety of games that can be played using all of the different playing options.

Is PlayStation VR Worth the Investment?

Sony has entered the VR battlefield with their PlayStation VR hardware. At the moment they are in direct competition with the PC and it’s VR hardware options. But is it a worthy adversary to the PC, and is it worth the investment if you are new to VR?

PlayStation VR costs much less than a VR ready PC. This alone could be enough reason for most who want to experience a new way to play video games. However, while the price is lower so is the performance, with PlayStation VR games having much lower graphical fidelity.

When it comes to games both formats are on an equal playing field, with some popular VR games such as Star Trek Bridge Commander and Eve: Valkyrie available to play on both systems.

For ease of use PlayStation VR is arguably the easiest system to set up. With simple step by step by step instructions and the guarantee of a compatible gaming system, Playstation VR is pretty much plug and play.

The Basics of Using Playstation Plus

Playstation plus is a subscription service offered by Sony for PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita and PSP owners. It allows users to download free games, take part in exclusive sales, online multiplayer services and various other options.

Playstation plus offers a lot for the price, but only if console owners take full advantage of the service.

The Price

Console owners can choose to subscribe for either a single month, three months or a year. The prices for these subscriptions are $9.99, $17.99 and $49.99 respectively.

The Games

Playstation plus offers a selection of discounted and free games to download each month. These games are only available for this monthly period, so to make the most out of the service users should download what games they would like as and when they are available.

After the month has ended a new selection of games are listed, and the old offers become unavailable, unless they reappear on Playstation plus again in the future.



PS4 Add-Ons and Extras

One of the best parts of playing games on console are all of the mods and add-ons available to use. Some are for visual appeal, and some can alter the way the game can be played. The PS4 is certainly no exception, with various extras that can be taken advantage of.

Portable Gaming Monitor

Consoles work great at home when they are plugged into a TV, but they simply aren’t designed to be played outside. Well that can be changed using a portable monitor.

Decal Controller Wraps

Decal wraps allow an official PS4 controller to be transformed with a personalised custom design. They look great and are inexpensive at around £10 each.

Rubber Controller Grips

The PS4 controller can leave hands feeling sweaty after long gaming sessions due to it’s hard plastic. A controller grip covers the plastic hand grips on a controller with a rubberised texture that’s both comfortable, and avoids that controller sweatiness.

Finding Quality Classic Controllers

All video games consoles need controllers, including the classic consoles from the past. But like getting hold of the consoles themselves, finding controls that are in good condition and not worn away can be a difficult task.

Where To Look

The first place to look is ebay, you are almost certain to find a controller for any games console from any year on there. The concern though is figuring out quality of the controller that is being sold.

Much of the wear that happens to controllers can be hard to see visually, especially when looking at a low quality image on ebay.

This is why the best way to get hold of a high quality classic controller is to try and find it physically. Garage sales, car boot sales, second hand shops and even some retail shops are some places that have some of these old devices. If you can hold it in your hands you can test all of the buttons and joysticks for too much wear in a second.