PS4 Add-Ons and Extras

One of the best parts of playing games on console are all of the mods and add-ons available to use. Some are for visual appeal, and some can alter the way the game can be played. The PS4 is certainly no exception, with various extras that can be taken advantage of.

Portable Gaming Monitor

Consoles work great at home when they are plugged into a TV, but they simply aren’t designed to be played outside. Well that can be changed using a portable monitor.

Decal Controller Wraps

Decal wraps allow an official PS4 controller to be transformed with a personalised custom design. They look great and are inexpensive at around £10 each.

Rubber Controller Grips

The PS4 controller can leave hands feeling sweaty after long gaming sessions due to it’s hard plastic. A controller grip covers the plastic hand grips on a controller with a rubberised texture that’s both comfortable, and avoids that controller sweatiness.