PS4 Tips and Tricks

The PS4 is a beast of a machine, but to tame the beast you must first understand how it works. In other words, here are some tips for using your ps4 and making the most out of your console.

Auto Switch Off

This is great if you forget to turn your PS4 off occasionally. You can set the console to automatically power off after a certain time of not being used. It’s a good idea to use unless you’re downloading games from PSN overnight.

Use Cloud Saving

Be sure to make the most of the PS4’s cloud saving function. You’ll need to have a PS Plus account though. This is the paid subscription side of PSN – the PlayStation equivalent of Xbox Live.

Download Management

One of the features that wasn’t released for a while after the PS4 was first launched. Well its here now. to use this function, pause and stop downloads in the Notifications > Downloads” or “Settings > System Store Management > Applications.