The Binding of Isaac

Ah roguelikes. It is a genre of game that I never fully understood, or never quite fell in love with like the rest of the world. These are games where death tends to be permanent; you might unlock a couple of things here and there along the way that add to your efforts the next time around, but these are often exercises in frustration for gamers and I am no different. People have a limited amount of time to do anything in life, and gaming, for many, is a luxury hobby that takes up a decent amount of time. As such, they’d rather not be wasting it dying repeatedly and making no progress.
The Binding of Isaac is, in this now crowded genre, a shining example of how making slight progress can help alleviate the process and frustration of dying. As you progress you unlock a few items and, crucially, get better at the game so on subsequent playthroughs you make even more progress.