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Is Video Streaming Better Than DVDs?

Recently video streaming has been taking the world by storm. From the likes of Disney+ and Netflix to Amazon Prime. The choices out there are endless. But is it better than DVDs?

The main benefit of video streaming is that all your films and tv shows will be stored away nicely within your TV or laptop on the streaming software. This is going to help with storage issues that you may have within your home.

However, you do need to think about what is available on each platform. Unfortunately, not everything is available on one platform. This does mean you are going to have many outgoings if you want the widest selection. What is available on these platforms is also constantly changing, meaning you may see it there one day and not again another day.

DVDs have the benefit of once you have them, you have them. But it does come down to you, your storage and what you think will work best for you. But video streaming is an excellent option to consider.

What Is Happening in the Gaming Community?

Within the gaming community, there have been some new consoles released. With the PlayStation 5 being the most popular of them all. Currently, the new Playstation 5 is out of stock everywhere with people selling them for double the retail price on selling sites. This has caused outrage with people desiring to purchase this console for a Christmas gift. It is known that more are due to be released before the Christmas period, to allow you to purchase them in time for Christmas. However, you will need to be fast due to a lot of people wanting to purchase this console.
Similar has happened with the Xbox X series, however, it has not been as popular. The newly released console is not selling out as fast and not being sold on for as much of a profit. But again, you will need to be fast if you are wanting either of these consoles for their Christmas gifts.

How Has Renting DVDs Changed Overtime?

Renting DVDs has been changed massively. We used to head over to a store to rent a DVD. Going back the following week to return the DVD and choose a new one. A lovely tradition for most families across the UK. But now these stores have disappeared. Meaning the way we rent DVDs and films has had to change. It has changed in the way of becoming all online based. Using softwares such as Amazon Prime Video. We can rent films, tv series and more from a click of a button. However, you are only renting these for a one time use. They are only a fraction of the cost to buy new. Meaning you may as well purchase them to watch multiple times. We are no longer saving money by doing this. Renting DVDs has changed in a way which is not always beneficial. Purchasing DVDs will be much more cost effective than renting nowadays.

Renting Video Games

This is not well known however, it is possible to rent video games for your console. This is not as common as what it was before when console games where first released.

One of the main benefits of renting video games is that it gives you the opportunity to try a range of games for a fraction of the cost of buying them. If you are a person who likes to play lots of different games, this will be the best option for you.

However, if you are not this type of person, purchasing the games will be better. Renting games does not allow you to complete the full games. You may not be able to rent them for enough time to complete them. Therefore this may leave you feeling frustrated.

You could however rent the game for the first month to trial it to see if you like it. If you do you can go on to purchase it. This will be more expensive, but you will know that you like it.

Should I Buy a Nintendo Switch for My Pre-Teen for Christmas

With Christmas approaching your child may have asked for a Nintendo Switch.  The Switch is a brilliant system enabling for play as a family when attached to a television or as a handheld device.  Games can be purchased online and stored within the Switches memory or by purchasing cartridges.  The Switch has a responsible battery life enabling it to be used whilst travelling in the car, train or plane.

There are many genres of games available Mario being a firm favourite.  Mario Party The top 100  is a family friendly game along with 1-2-switch which is a game using the controllers  rather than the screen in a two way battle for example quick draw where you and your opponent face each other and pull the trigger at the right moment when prompted to ‘shoot’ the other player.

In short the Nintendo Switch is a great family friendly console which can also be used as a handheld when your preteen wants some alone gaming time.