How Has Renting DVDs Changed Overtime?

Renting DVDs has been changed massively. We used to head over to a store to rent a DVD. Going back the following week to return the DVD and choose a new one. A lovely tradition for most families across the UK. But now these stores have disappeared. Meaning the way we rent DVDs and films has had to change. It has changed in the way of becoming all online based. Using softwares such as Amazon Prime Video. We can rent films, tv series and more from a click of a button. However, you are only renting these for a one time use. They are only a fraction of the cost to buy new. Meaning you may as well purchase them to watch multiple times. We are no longer saving money by doing this. Renting DVDs has changed in a way which is not always beneficial. Purchasing DVDs will be much more cost effective than renting nowadays.