Is Video Streaming Better Than DVDs?

Recently video streaming has been taking the world by storm. From the likes of Disney+ and Netflix to Amazon Prime. The choices out there are endless. But is it better than DVDs?

The main benefit of video streaming is that all your films and tv shows will be stored away nicely within your TV or laptop on the streaming software. This is going to help with storage issues that you may have within your home.

However, you do need to think about what is available on each platform. Unfortunately, not everything is available on one platform. This does mean you are going to have many outgoings if you want the widest selection. What is available on these platforms is also constantly changing, meaning you may see it there one day and not again another day.

DVDs have the benefit of once you have them, you have them. But it does come down to you, your storage and what you think will work best for you. But video streaming is an excellent option to consider.