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To Rent or Purchase DVDs

There is always a debate on whether it is best to rent or purchase DVDs. I am going to share with you some of the positives and negatives of renting DVDs.

Some positives of renting DVDs include;
– It is cheaper than purchasing. If you only want to watch the film once, it works out much cheaper to rent a DVD than purchase it.
– You will have a much wider selection to choose from. Some older DVDs which you can no longer purchase can still be available to rent.

Some negatives of renting DVDs include:
– You don’t fully own the DVD. You will only be able to watch the film once before needing to return it. Meaning you will not be able to show family and friends.
– There is the possibility that the DVD you are renting may not work. This can be for many different reasons. You may not be able to watch the movie after all.

What Benefits Can Gaming Have for Our Children?

People always talk about the negative impact gaming has on our children so let’s talk about some of the positives. How could our children benefit from playing online games?

It can inspire their future careers. A lot of gamers have gone on to pursue a career in game design, arts, history and even science since playing games whilst growing up. In some ways, it opens up their eyes to what they could achieve.
Gaming can also allow them to make friends. They may struggle with making friends in person and gaming is their escape. It may help with their social skills and encourage them to make more friends outside of gaming.
Finally, it can help children with their hand-eye coordination. With looking at a screen and pressing buttons, their brain is learning an amazing skill.

This is just three benefits that gaming can have for our children. I am sure there are many more.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Gaming Review

The Nintendo Switch may be a relatively new console but it already seems like the console has been around for longer. There is a wide range of incredible games and also can be used on the go.

This game is one among the “must-own” titles for the Switch, it is the “ultimate” version of Super Smash Bros. Smash Ultimate features every single fighter from each game within the series. The combat has been refined from Smash 4, and there’s a good amount of single-player options through the planet of sunshine, Spirit Mode, Classic Mode and other areas too. While the online functionality isn’t as good compared with modern consoles, it’s still a great way to face off against friends or other competitors. Super Smash Bros, Ultimate, seems to be a great game for the Nintendo Switch for all types of gamers.

Will Lag Always Exist in Online Gaming?

Lag is a term referred to as slowness when online gaming, and it will often disrupt game play, and it can potentially affect the result, or Cause a complete disconnection between the two players. So far there have been lag issues mentioned relating to both next gen consoles the PS4 and the Xbox One, and it prompts the question, will lag issues always exist?

Connection problems can be due t an individual’s internet connection or perhaps the serer of the game’s consoles. For example, there have been cases whereby two players (both with full signal) have had lag issues in a game, meaning the issue tend to lie with the server.

Game consoles have improved the lag in terms of not letting it affect the outcome of the match so much, meaning nobody comes out a winner or a loser, however, this can actually be unfair if you was outcompeting your opponent. We hope lag doesn’t continue to exist, but the signs show it will occur from time to time, even on the next gen consoles.

Battlefield 4 Dynamic Environments Supported by 60 Frames Per Second on Next-Gen

Battlefield 4 feels familiar, but with the appearance of next-generation hardware, it looks better than ever before. The sport is running at 60 frames per second, which complements the brand new dynamic aspects of the map.

At the beginning of a match on Paracel, the sun is shining and the wind is calm. Because the battle progresses, the skies darken and a storm rolls in. The changes are subtle while playing, but watching before and after pictures reveal an exquisite change.

Battlefield 4 also encourages a brand new level of player agency. New actions which are so simple as closing a metal container door (preferably to guard yourself from enemy gunfire) or as significant as crashing a enormous ship into the island provide arenas which can be constantly in flux. Together with the normal Battlefield environmental deformation, these new opportunities to engage with the landscape offer new options when combating the enemy.

Given the condensed size of the map’s landmass for a domination match, my squad moved between the 3 points to make sure we kept our opponents on their toes. Possessing two of the 3 causes the opposing team to bleed tickets, speeding their destruction. Battle pickups, purposely placed overpowerd weapons also help maintain superior position.

The verticality of the map means not only watching corners, but ensuring that enemies don’t sneak up the steps and get a height advantage. Obviously, even behind cover, players aren’t safe. One opponent made the error of hiding behind a wooden fence. Both were obliterated quickly.

Another enemy tried to stab me while i used to be facing him. To my surprise, i used to be given a short window to click within the right thumbstick and reverse the attack. In place of collapsing to the bottom, i used to be in a position to twist the blade and stab him instead. This significantly limits folks that wish to rush their opponents for the only-hit knife kill. Melee attacks still have value, but now you will have to be more careful about approaching from behind.

Battlefield 4 is out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 29, 2013. PlayStation 4 owners could be ready to pick it up when the console launches on November 15, 2013. An Xbox One release is planned for a similar window.