Should I Buy a Nintendo Switch for My Pre-Teen for Christmas

With Christmas approaching your child may have asked for a Nintendo Switch.  The Switch is a brilliant system enabling for play as a family when attached to a television or as a handheld device.  Games can be purchased online and stored within the Switches memory or by purchasing cartridges.  The Switch has a responsible battery life enabling it to be used whilst travelling in the car, train or plane.

There are many genres of games available Mario being a firm favourite.  Mario Party The top 100  is a family friendly game along with 1-2-switch which is a game using the controllers  rather than the screen in a two way battle for example quick draw where you and your opponent face each other and pull the trigger at the right moment when prompted to ‘shoot’ the other player.

In short the Nintendo Switch is a great family friendly console which can also be used as a handheld when your preteen wants some alone gaming time.