Will Lag Always Exist in Online Gaming?

Lag is a term referred to as slowness when online gaming, and it will often disrupt game play, and it can potentially affect the result, or Cause a complete disconnection between the two players. So far there have been lag issues mentioned relating to both next gen consoles the PS4 and the Xbox One, and it prompts the question, will lag issues always exist?

Connection problems can be due t an individual’s internet connection or perhaps the serer of the game’s consoles. For example, there have been cases whereby two players (both with full signal) have had lag issues in a game, meaning the issue tend to lie with the server.

Game consoles have improved the lag in terms of not letting it affect the outcome of the match so much, meaning nobody comes out a winner or a loser, however, this can actually be unfair if you was outcompeting your opponent. We hope lag doesn’t continue to exist, but the signs show it will occur from time to time, even on the next gen consoles.