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Making Money Through Gaming

Gaming is a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular as time passes. A hobby that does take a lot of skill to get good at. A hobby that can take up a lot of time and passion. This is a hobby that people tend to see as just that, but what if we told you there is a way you can make money through this?

In a world where social media now plays a huge part in our day-to-day life, it’s easy to see that it can be used alongside gaming to make money. People tend to enjoy watching other people play their favourite games, as well as learning new hints and tips through these videos. If you create these and gain a following, you will find that you are gradually able to make money through them. Another option is to live stream whilst playing, this allows you to chat with your viewers, as well as incorporate them into the game you are playing.

Gaming Chair Buying Guide

There will come a time in your gaming life that you need to buy a gaming chair. Whether this is the first time you are looking into buying a gaming chair or you need a replacement. Our buying guide is here to help you purchase the best gaming chair for you.

Buying Guide Tip One – Know Your Price Point
Gaming chairs can become an extremely expensive item to purchase. With there being many different price points for gaming chairs. It is important that you know and sticks to your price budget. Helping you to get the most for your money, and even potentially saving you money!

Buying Guide Tip Two – High Price Doesn’t Always Mean Better
A point that is always misunderstood is that the higher the price, the better the chair will be. But this is not the case. Everyone has their own requirements for a gaming chair and the higher-priced chairs may not be offering. Sometimes with higher-priced gaming chairs, you are just paying for their branding rather than their quality. Meaning if you shop around, it may be possible for you to find something perfect at a lower price.

Buying Guide Tip Three – Fabric Breathability
Gaming is one hobby that requires you to be sat in one area for long periods of time. With some people even sitting in the same spot all day playing their favourite games. This is why you need to consider the breathability of the chair’s fabric. If you are someone who likes to play games for long periods of time you will need something breathable. Helping to ventilate you, preventing your body from overheating and becoming sweaty.

Following our top three buying guide tips when purchasing a gaming chair, you will be sure to purchase the right gaming chair every time. Just remember, the price tag isn’t always everything and you need to consider every option.

Football Manager 2015: One More Turn

There is an expression in gaming that we typically call “one more turn.” It applies to a select few games, typically ones that are much slower paced, that have a tantalising “next turn” button, or a “continue” after making whatever decisions you wanted. Civilisation is one such series; a game that sees you conquering, or failing to conquer, the world as your chosen race. The other game series that often sees that label applied to it is Football Manager, previously Championship Manager, exclusive, for the most part, to PC space.

Football Manager places you in the boots of, you guessed it, a Football Manager at any club across world football. Do you choose a European superpower? Or perhaps your local club, with no budget, reduced playing staff and crippling debts? It’s a difficult choice, and one that will define your seasons as you progress. Do you dominate from the top? Or work your way up slowly and savour every single victory, every single pound that fills up the coffers that you have worked so hard to achieve?

FIFA 15: The Perfect Cure for Football Blues

Some things in life are certain; we’re born, we die and every single year, without fail, we get a FIFA game (some years we even get two!) Over the years the competition has always been between football game series; FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. During the early 2000s Pro Evolution Soccer was the king; beautiful gameplay, reminiscent of the real life beautiful sport, but with no licensed names or stadiums, both of which are excellent in FIFA.

FIFA has come back strong though; from FIFA 2009 onwards the series has started to get closer to the real thing. More weighty players and good understanding of momentum were key, coupled with fully licensed teams and players meant that the series popularity has skyrocketed.

This year’s entry, FIFA 15, has, however, gone backwards in quality. An over reliance on speed has meant that all other attributes have fallen by the wayside; players like Diego Costa, a strong, powerful centre forward, isn’t as effective as the real thing, while smaller, more skillful players like Andres Iniesta also lose their impact – but players who are fast are king.


The Ideal Time for Online Gaming

Online gaming is a bit of a phenomenon for many teenagers and adults around the world and there are certain times in the UK when it seems as though everyone is playing games online.

Weeknights around 8’clock and are certainly busy in terms of gaming, and it’s a time of day when people have finished work, finished their dinner, and they’re ready to clock in for a gaming session. Weekends are busy and Saturday nights are certainly a good time if you want to connect with lot of different plays in online multigame.

The problem is that occasionally it can be too busy and you may not get into the match lobby you want, but if you stick around long enough space should free up. With the next gen consoles it may take a bit of time to kick in before the traffic start, but once people move away from the Xbox 360s and Playstation 4’s then we will really see how well the new servers hold up.