FIFA 15: The Perfect Cure for Football Blues

Some things in life are certain; we’re born, we die and every single year, without fail, we get a FIFA game (some years we even get two!) Over the years the competition has always been between football game series; FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. During the early 2000s Pro Evolution Soccer was the king; beautiful gameplay, reminiscent of the real life beautiful sport, but with no licensed names or stadiums, both of which are excellent in FIFA.

FIFA has come back strong though; from FIFA 2009 onwards the series has started to get closer to the real thing. More weighty players and good understanding of momentum were key, coupled with fully licensed teams and players meant that the series popularity has skyrocketed.

This year’s entry, FIFA 15, has, however, gone backwards in quality. An over reliance on speed has meant that all other attributes have fallen by the wayside; players like Diego Costa, a strong, powerful centre forward, isn’t as effective as the real thing, while smaller, more skillful players like Andres Iniesta also lose their impact – but players who are fast are king.