Football Manager 2015: One More Turn

There is an expression in gaming that we typically call “one more turn.” It applies to a select few games, typically ones that are much slower paced, that have a tantalising “next turn” button, or a “continue” after making whatever decisions you wanted. Civilisation is one such series; a game that sees you conquering, or failing to conquer, the world as your chosen race. The other game series that often sees that label applied to it is Football Manager, previously Championship Manager, exclusive, for the most part, to PC space.

Football Manager places you in the boots of, you guessed it, a Football Manager at any club across world football. Do you choose a European superpower? Or perhaps your local club, with no budget, reduced playing staff and crippling debts? It’s a difficult choice, and one that will define your seasons as you progress. Do you dominate from the top? Or work your way up slowly and savour every single victory, every single pound that fills up the coffers that you have worked so hard to achieve?