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Top Tips When Purchasing DVDs

Sometimes, you want to watch a certain film from the comfort of your own home. The best way to do this is by purchasing the DVD edition. Purchasing every DVD you ever want to watch is not going to be affordable, so what tips can we give to make owning DVDs affordable.

Firstly, you want to think about where you are purchasing DVDs from. Most people will turn to buying them new from the supermarket, thinking this is their only choice. But, if you are not against it, you can purchase secondhand DVDs from places like car boot sales or online marketplaces. These will be cheaper, you will just need to check the quality of the DVD to ensure it is not scratched and should work well.

You should also keep an eye on supermarkets for special offers and deals on their DVDs. This will help to make purchasing new DVDs more affordable for you.

Why Are Playstation 5’s So Hard to Find?

Playstation 5, the console that was wanted by many gamers across the world for the Christmas just passed. But parents and loved ones struggle massively to find anywhere with a Playstation 5 in stock, but why is this the case?

The main reason why Playstation 5’s have been so hard to find is due to them being newly released. Every gamer wants to purchase the newest released console. Meaning parents and others who need to save to be able to purchase are struggling to find them in stock. But this does not mean you can not purchase one. Unfortunately, some of the people who are purchasing the console, do not want them for themself, they are purchasing to make money. This means they are buying it from stores and then selling it for more money. This does mean you can still purchase them, but it could cost you more due to the people taking the demand into their power to sell for a higher price.

Christmas Films You MUST Watch This Christmas

December, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time of year where you can spend the evenings cuddled up on the sofa and watch some festive movies. Today, we are going to share with you our list of favourite Christmas movies that you must watch this Christmas.

Elf is a Christmas classic. this is a movie that you should watch every year. This is a movie that is bound to put you in the Christmas spirit and it is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Miracle on 34th Street
This is a movie that is another Christmas classic. This is a movie that can truly showcase the magic of Christmas. We would say this is more suitable for an older audience as it may be difficult for younger children to understand.

Home Alone
Finally, the Home Alone films are another Christmas classic. This is another classic film to watch at Christmas, but this one is bound to make you laugh. It’s a comedy that the whole family will enjoy.

Home Theatre or Cinema?

There are many upcoming film releases that people are excited to see. But one of the main debates with these new film releases… do we watch them in the cinema or create our home theatre?

Heading out to the cinema to watch these upcoming film releases seems like the most ideal idea to choose from. It is the idea where you will be with like-minded people who like the same films as you. There is nothing you need to do other than just turn up and pay. They have snacks for you, as well as the ability to watch the film on the biggest screen there is.

But, the truth is, heading out to the cinema to watch these new film releases is not always the best option. If you are a film fanatic, wanting to see every film there is, heading to the cinema can become expensive. With it costing roughly £10 per visit, seeing every film in the cinema will become costly. It may be more beneficial for you to create your own home theatre.

Whilst the initial cost of setting up a home theatre can be daunting with every item being fairly costly. It will be worth it in the long run. You will be able to watch the latest releases without needing to leave your home. You will be able to choose exactly when you want to watch them, without being restricted to the times the cinema is showing them. You can pay monthly for online streaming services that allow you to watch more than just films. Meaning as time passes, you will be getting more for your money than heading out to the cinema.

We will always recommend that if you are a film fanatic that you do invest in creating a home theatre where you are your friends can watch the latest film releases. Yes, heading out to the cinema for some will be fun and fine, but to save money you want to invest in a home theatre.

Video Game Consoles – the Classics

There are so many different types of video game consoles that we have discussed on our blog previously. But today we want to focus on the classics. The consoles that helped to make gaming exactly what it is today. So, let’s look back and see where the gaming consoles have come from.

Nintendo 64
The first console we are going to look into is Nintendo 64. This is one of the first consoles created by Nintendo that allowed multiplayer gaming. A Simple grey console with 4 controller ports that allowed up to 4 people to play at the same time. Some of the all-time favourite games for this console included Donkey Kong 64 and Mario Kart 64. With Mario Kart being a game that has been reimagined multiple times for all Nintendo Consoles.

Playstation 1
The Playstation 1 (PS1) is another retro gaming console, that was one of the first consoles made by Sony that allowed multiplayer gaming. This console was first produced in 1995 and has been a gaming console that people enjoy revisiting. With its four controller power ports, it is very similar to the Nintendo 64 in the fact it allows up to four people to play! The controllers have not changed from this first multiplayer console, meaning you can still have the retro feeling now. Some of the most popular games to play on the Playstation 1 include Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon.

A Gameboy was one of the first handheld gaming consoles that we could purchase. This was released in 1990 and is still offering us gaming fun, some people still use their Gameboys today! This is slightly different as it is handheld and only allows a single person to play games. One of the most popular GameBoy games to play was Pokemon and that is still popular today.